Project management

The project management module was designed to be a simple tool to help you save time, not lose time.

The project management module allows you to:

  1. Create projects based on precise objectives, which allow you to then track project alignment against initial objectives;
  2. Plan out a detailed work schedule;
  3. Consolidate all time-tracking data (no double or triple time registration);
  4. Track your project budget.

When defining a project objective or project model, you can work with resource profiles to establish accurate cost projections.

The module integrates project model management to capitalize on your business’ experience. A default group of project models is predefined.

You can verify the alignment of project budgets against your business’ budgetary strategy at any time.

While scheduling work, you can display the analysis produced by the constraints engine. This feature is very useful to display or correct potential planning errors (constraint clash, priority between various constraints, calculating the rate of allocating multiple resources to a task, etc.).

When estimating your project’s workload, the workload assessment support system can provide you with valuable indicators.


This assessment support system is based on two techniques:

  1. Project statistics (completed or ongoing projects)
  2. Your workload assessment models.

The integrated resource management module allows you to “drag & drop” resources directly into the Gantt chart. You can directly review the availability of resources, their skills and experience.

Each user can display their own work schedule along with all of their assigned tasks.

The time management module allows a project manager to validate the data provided by each team member before being integrated into the project tracking system.


A risk management module allows you to identify and monitor your project risks.


And the consolidation of information in the project portfolio provides you with a global view of your projects.