Portfolio management

The project portfolio management module helps you in three ways:

  1. it supports you in your project screening process;
  2. it aligns project budgets with your company’s budgetary strategy;
  3. it offers a synthesized view of all upcoming projects and needs.

The project screening process

Portfolio management allows you to input ideas, requests or changes to your users or clients to feed the project pipeline. Therefore you can have a project pipeline that aligns with your company’s budgets and production capacities.

Selection can be made based on business cases (market study, revenues, projected market, risk level), or via comparisons with current or prior projects (access to project history) or based on project simulations. Simulation allows you to calculate resource, budgetary, scheduling and ROI constraints.

A configurable scoring system allows you to display all of the requirements for given criteria (financial, business potential, ROI, risks, quality, etc.).


A workflow allows you to track selections for the project pipeline and the status of each project or request.

Synthesized scorecard

A scorecard gives you a real-time overview of:

  1. Requests to feed the project pipeline (volume, revenues, costs, etc.)
  2. The status of all ongoing projects (costs, lead times, quality, risks, etc.)
  3. Upcoming needs associated with the project pipeline (resources, budget allocations, etc.).


The scorecard is a powerful decision support tool. It is entirely graphics-based, dynamic (zoom in on data), and fully configurable. Certain data may come directly from your ERP to ensure an aggregate view. The scorecard allows you to quickly see possible drift points for all of your company’s projects.

Supplier management

A supplier management module allows you to evaluate your suppliers for each project. And a scoring system allows you to compare your suppliers against criteria that you define.


You can therefore capitalize on the management of your suppliers and refine your relationships with them. Furthermore, it provides the Purchasing Department with feedback.