BeoPortal is a native SOA architecture that is guaranteed to integrate easily into your business’ Information System.

You have access to all beoticPROJECT Web services. You also have direct access to the database.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

At BeOtic, we are strong believers in SOA architecture for very basic reasons:

  1. Simplified architecture

    1. The architecture is naturally more scalable; to add a new feature simply add a service (producer) or a module (a consumer in SOA terms), without risking any regression in the services or modules currently in use.

    2. Weak linking makes application scalability much easier. Modules or services become interchangeable. Changes to technology are simplified and regressions are limited.

    3. Applications are more agile and it is easier to adapt to new requirements.

  2. Improved reliability and robustness of applications

    1. Tests for non-regression, workload and acceptance become much easier. The application as a whole is made more reliable and robust.

  3. Open architecture (pivot format in XML)

    1. An open architecture makes it much easier to integrate into the IS or with other applications. It also makes it much easier to maintain due to the simplicity of the protocol and the skills available on the market.

  4. Reduced risks

    1. It is easier to develop a small module (consumer) or a service than a full application (limited side effects). SOA architecture also definitively formalizes exchanges between modules and services.

Among the items to monitor with SOA architectures:

  1. Performance

    Performance is the primary concern for architectures based on verbose protocols (XML-type protocols). For large data exchanges, performance may end up being a real disaster.

    For this reason, you have the choice between two module protocols for all BeOtic applications:

    • SOAP : For 100 % SOA,
    • AMF : Binary for http, protocol increases performance over SOAP by 10 times.

    All services implement both protocols (SOAP & AMF). You can change the protocol in real-time via the administration module.

    This system ensures excellent performance while maintaining all of the advantages of SOAP.