BeoPortal is a user-oriented SOA Web portal for businesses.

BeoPortal takes the form of a Web page comprised of several modules. Each module can be an entire application, an application snippet, a Web page, RSS feed…

Would you like to quickly implement a SAAS solution for your products? We have found the right solution!


Users can arrange their applications as they see fit. New applications can be added with a simple drag & drop from the menu. A user may choose to only use certain parts of the applications.


The user can create new tabs to customize their work environment (project tab, email and RSS feed tab, reporting tab, etc.).

Each time a user connects, they will automatically find all of their applications in the state in which they were left (user sessions are automatically saved).


For developers, adding new modules is child’s play. You can integrate all of your Web applications directly and without any modifications (SOA, Web, J2EE, Flex, PHP…).


One click is all you need to select the service and method you want to use with Web service (SOA) applications.

BeoPortal is the only portal that allows you to move modules while displaying their content without having to reload the module (BeOtic technology) unlike all of our competitors’ portals which reboot applications written in Flex or Flash.

With BeoPortal, you have the advantage of SSO management for your applications.

Easy to install

An administration module with a simple, user-friendly graphical interface allows you to administer the portal. You can connect BeoPortal to business directories (LDAP & AD). Thanks to the administration module, you can easily manage users, permissions, and the applications available to users.